Watering: everyone's business

25% of the rivers of western and southern Europe are extremely polluted.

For 20 years, raw water has deteriorated worryingly.

It is therefore really important to preserve this resource by using it as reasonably as possible.

Did you know ?

  • In France, only 1% of drinking water is drunk,
  • half of the world’s population will face severe water shortages over the next 25 years,
  • it is therefore increasingly important to preserve this scarce resource.

Smart tip about watering

WWF advice> Water evaporates very quickly under the heat of the sun:

  • We generally water too much and very often badly.
  • In summer, take advantage of the cool evening to water.
    This gives the plants and the soil time to quench their thirst before any evaporation.
  • Water instead in the morning in autumn and spring, to avoid the risk of frost.
  • Check the weather before watering, as it can still rain!

The ideal is of course to set up a rainwater collector.

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