Holidays: plan watering

Holidays: plan watering

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Before going on vacation, you need to do a few things to find the plants in your garden in good health. But during drought, watering should be thoughtful and reasonable.

Are you leaving your garden for a week or more? Start by checking the weather to find out how to organize your absence. If showers are on the schedule, you won't have much to plan. If drought is present, it will be necessary to set up a watering system, defining priority areas and those that can do without.

A program for each type of plant

The plants that need the most water are found in the vegetable garden (tomatoes, beans, courgettes, lettuce…): Install a drip or microporous hose activated by a programmer to start up every evening. Remember to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables before you go!

The planters and pots are also large consumers of water: place them in the shade and install in each an inverted water bottle, equipped with a pierced cap. There are porous plugs commercially available that allow water to flow gently. They are also useful for houseplants.

Finally, think about your young trees, planted the previous year. Their roots are too shallow to fetch water deeply. Set up a sprinkler system nearby or have a neighbor drop by to water them.

Your annual flowers, your trees and especially your lawn will have to do without water savings. But don't worry, they'll get over it!

Watering and organic common sense

To limit damage and waste with each drought, a little common sense is needed. Choose varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of its region, robust and resistant first, abuse the mulching then. Mowing and pruning waste, straw: anything is good for covering the earth and keeping it moist.

Also think about well weed to avoid competition from water-hungry weeds. Finally, mow your lawn at 6 cm (high mowing): it will be more resistant.

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