Garden flowers

Bulbs: our original ideas to showcase them

Bulbs: our original ideas to showcase them

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Bulbs are fabulous for brightening up gardens, especially when placed in cool containers. Have fun customizing them!

Your imagination is your only limit to stage your bulbs. The only requirement: pierce your containers to have a well-drained soil and thus avoid rotting. Here are some tips on how to do it right.

Bulbs in the garden

At the foot of a tree: daffodils and daffodils are perfect for blooming and illuminating the smallest square inch of soil: to be practiced in the city, especially!

In a wheelbarrow: what a beautiful white marriage of these tulips, white daffodils and grape hyacinths! In a fuchsia pink wheelbarrow, the whole is brought to light even more. A nice hijacking of a gardener's flagship object.

On a table, in decorative planters: two round zinc planters will be the most beautiful effect with dozens of daffodil bulbs. The yellow-black contrast is contemporary.

In decorative planters, directly in the garden: Arums and grape hyacinths take shape in these white containers, romantic and easily transportable thanks to their handles.

Bulbs on the terrace

In a vintage woven basket: vintage-salvage atmosphere for this composition of grape hyacinths, tulips and hyacinths. Convenient to move ... on the terrace or in the house. In a contemporary woven basket: another interpretation of the basket with a plantation of daffodils.

Easy and so pretty! In XL design pots: these buttercups are absolutely magnified by this large polypropylene planter in the same color as the flowers. A real garden to transport.

In several designer pots: continue to associate the color of the flowers with that of their container and place them in large numbers, everywhere on a terrace.

With tulips in pots on the ground, grape hyacinths in hanging pots, your balconies and terraces take on the air of the countryside!

Bulbs at home

In a large pot: like a micro-field of tulips and hyacinths, this maxi-floral arrangement has something to dream about!

Beautiful as a centerpiece, in the hallway or in a corner of the living room. And why not in a room? In terrarium and soliflores: grape hyacinths and grape hyacinths will be highlighted in simple jars and other small glass containers. To be installed here and there, near the windows, to give a bucolic air to your interior. Collection version: on a trolley or on a piece of furniture, several containers arranged to mix green plants and bulbs (crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils), to display these gems of nature. The important thing is the number!

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