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Laurel-sauce: benefits and virtues

Laurel-sauce: benefits and virtues

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The laurel-sauce or noble laurel (Laurus nobilis) is a shrub that is very common in Mediterranean regions and can easily reach 10 m in height.

Symbol of victory and peace, the laurel evokes strength and success; it is renowned for its health benefits and virtues.

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Bay leaf sauce and its health benefits

Promotes digestion and reduces gas; calms urinary and dental infections; offers antiseptic and bactericidal properties; soothes pain related to tonsillitis; participates in the treatment of flu-like conditions (cough, bronchitis, blocked sinuses, etc.)

  • The leaves and berries of laurel, in culinary preparations, present real digestive virtues. They open the appetite, stimulate lazy stomachs and fight againstaerophagia.
  • Laurel is also antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial.
  • To relieve pain related tochronic respiratory conditions (bronchitis, sinusitis), or in case of influenza and of cold, bay leaf is recommended for its propertiesexpectorants and antivirals.
  • Laurel also fights effectively against signs of fatigue as'herpes and the canker sores. It calms the urinary and dental infections.
  • On the plan emotional, bay leaf is recognized for its benefits againstanxiety, thehypersensitivity and the lack of confidence.
  • For external use, the massages at theEssential oil bay leaf (diluted in sweet almond oil) soothe contractures and muscle aches, inflammations articular and the rheumatism.
  • In local application, bay leaf oil is effective in treating yeast infection, theacne and the whitlow.
  • In atmospheric diffusion, bay leaf essential oil effectively cleanses the air and restores energy.
  • Good to know, bay leaves repel flies that come into your kitchen!

Growing the bay leaf

  • You can grow a bay laurel in your garden as long as you give it a warm and sunny exposure. The soil should preferably be light, sandy, humus-bearing, flexible and well-drained. But it also thrives in heavier soil, even clay.
  • Pot, laurel will do well in a large planter, as it can easily gain wingspan.
  • Warning, the laurel does not support freezing when mixed with moisture. Also watch the small beasts (scale insects, caterpillars, etc.) which can damage the plant.

> Gardening: how to grow bay laurel well 

The bay leaf in the kitchen

  • Bay leaves perfume pleasantly your dishes in sauce, short bouillons and marinades. And they are, of course, the queens of the bouquet garni. They then bring to your dishes digestive and antiseptic virtues.
  • Laurel infusion (30 g of leaves per liter of water) promotes digestion.

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