Camellia: a winter-flowering shrub

Camellia: a winter-flowering shrub

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The camellia is also a winter-flowering shrub and certain varieties will adorn themselves with their most beautiful assets in the heart of winter.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Camellia
Family : Theacées
Type: Flowering shrub

: 1 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade, shade
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

: Persistent
Flowering : November to May, depending on the variety

The sometimes strong color of its flowers contrasts with the opaline color of the winter sky.

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Planting winter camellia

It is recommended plant rather the camellia in autumn to promote good rooting and better flowering from the first year.

  • Planting in the spring of subjects bought in containers is quite possible but requires regular watering at the beginning.
  • Species that bloom in autumn or winter can be planted without difficulty until spring.
  • Prefer a location that protects it from the sun in summer but, if possible, sunny in winter

Winter camellia at the plantation,

  • Mix heather soil (1/3), potting soil (1/3) and garden soil (1/3)
  • Then water abundantly
  • Put a mulching winter to protect the roots

Camellia will need regular watering during the first 2-3 years, especially in hot weather and also to promote the resumption of roots in the soil.

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Winter flowering camellia in pot

You want to have flowers in winter on your balcony or terrace, the camellia is then the ideal shrub because, on the one hand, the container culture suits it and, on the other hand, it blooms in winter.

  • Choose a pot of sufficient diameter and pierced at the bottom
  • Create a bed of gravel or clay balls to facilitate drainage
  • It is important toprevent water from stagnating near the roots, it can kill your camellia
  • Fill the pot with heather soil possibly mixed with horticultural or planting soil
  • Watering should be regular in hot weather, but never excessive so as to keep the soil moist

Caring for the winter camellia

Its slow growth does not require a priori no size and maintenance remains very limited

If you nevertheless wish balance or reduce the antlers of your camellia, wait for the end of flowering.

Some camellias are in fact part of a hedge or require pruning because they are grown in pots

Be careful, as camellia blooms in winter, it is important to wait for the end of the flowers to fall before pruning your shrub.

The camellia likes rather cool grounds, it will be necessary water in case of prolonged drought or hot weather.

Finally, a good pine bark mulch is the ideal solution to keep moisture in the soil in summer, protect from frost in winter and prevent weed growth.

Choosing the right winter camellia

Do not go wrong when buying your camellia because the flowering periods span over several months but not all will flower in winter.

To choose the right winter camellia, we can rate the large families according to their flowering.

  • Very early flowering: From September until the first frosts
  • Early flowering: From November until Christmas
  • Mid-season flowering: At the end of winter and depending on the region in February or March.
  • Late flowering: In spring

Thus, for a flowering around Christmas, we can opt for a Japanese camellias ‘Gloire de Nantes’ or, a little later, a camellia ‘Duchesse de Caze’.

Note that "Gloire de Nantes" can flourish for up to 6 months in a row.

Smart tip about winter camelia

The mulching maritime pine bark prevents weeds from growing, protects against the cold and nourishes the earth with natural elements.

They are also excellent for heather plants because they have the advantage of being acidic.

Adding acidity to the soil of your camellia will undoubtedly improve the quality of flowering.

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