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Ageratum: a periwinkle blue annual

Ageratum: a periwinkle blue annual

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Ageratum is a superb summer flowering perennial. Its abundant periwinkle blue flowers are remarkable.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Coreopsis
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial or annual depending on climate

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : Summer

How to plant an ageratum

The plant ageratum ideally in autumn or spring, but always outside of frost or hot weather.

  • Coreopsis tolerates all types of soil
  • He likes sunny situations, even in dry terrain
  • Distance each foot about 30cm and enrich your soil with potting soil.

Multiplication by division of the tuft In early spring.

  • If you do not touch the flowers, the plant will be sown spontaneously from year to year and therefore multiplies easily.
  • The plant is not frost resistant

Maintenance of an ageratum

Once in place, maintaining ageratums is very easy and accessible to all gardeners.

Cut back faded flowers as you go to stimulate new blooms

  • Cut off after flowering.

On the fertilizer and watering side, adding fertilizer every 15 days during the growing season significantly improves flowering.

To know about the ageratum

This herbaceous plant, native to Mexico, is cultivated in our latitudes as an annual.

It has a bushy character.

It illuminates with its dazzling blue and finds its place very well in beds or borders.

We also appreciate the ageratum in a pot, which also finds its place very well in a container or planter.

Smart tip

Support the larger stems to prevent them from bending in the wind.

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