Dog biting, what to do

Dog biting, what to do

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A dog bite is not to be taken lightly, as it can damage nerves and tendons, cause serious infections and, in rare cases, have serious consequences.

This article will teach you how to avoid risky situations and how to react in case of a bite.

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Behavior to avoid with a dog

Young children are especially prone to dog bites because they can be smaller than the dog and often do not understand the danger.

It is very important to explain to them how to behave with a dog.

  • Never attempt to remove food or a toy from a dog's mouth.
  • Do not surprise a dog in his sleep.
  • Avoid running, fidgeting, or making abrupt gestures that may turn the dog on.
  • Never look a dog in the eye, that is aggression for him.

Behavior to adopt with a dog

  • Educate him from an early age. You are the dominant, he must be submissive.
  • Make your dog eat after you.
  • Reserve a place for him where he will be quiet.
  • Never leave a child alone with a dog.
  • If you want to pet a dog, you need to bend down and talk to him softly. Offer your hand to him and stroke him only on the side. A dog does not like being petted on the head, this is a sign of dominance.
  • If you don't know the dog, ask his owner if you can approach him.
  • In case of danger, curl up on yourself (in a ball) without panicking and protect your face with your hands. Wait until the dog is gone before getting up.
  • In the event of a fight between congeners, do not try to separate them. If this happens in your home and you have water nearby (jet ...), water them thoroughly. This is the only way to calm a fight without putting yourself in danger.

Analyze the dog's body language

To know a dog's state of mind, just observe it.

  • Its tail is low and tucked under the belly: the dog is afraid. A dog who feels threatened represents a danger.
  • If its tail is raised high on its back: the dog is sure of himself, it is necessary to remain cautious.
  • Its tail is halfway up and is swinging: the dog is in good shape.
  • The dog lifts its lips and shows its fangs, growling. Ignore it and go your way.
  • The dog has a ruffled coat on his back: stay calm and do not provoke him.

What to do if bitten ?

Dog's saliva is full of bacteria and bad germs. A bite is a surgical emergency.

  • In the event of a bite, the wound must be washed vigorously with Marseille soap, then go to the emergency room, as the risk of infection is very high and serious.

Why go to the emergency room?

  • We will check that your vaccines are up to date (tetanus in particular) and we will inject you with a rabies vaccine.
  • In some cases, your wound will be cleaned under general anesthesia before you are put on antibiotics (as a pill or by infusion depending on the severity of the case).
  • You will be given x-rays or a scanner to assess the extent of the damage (tendons, nerves).
  • You can make a declaration so that the biting dog is placed under veterinary supervision for fifteen days. This will prevent any risk that you may have contracted rabies.

Did you know ?

  • If you've been bitten by a dog that isn't yours, this is the civil liability of the dog owner who will cover all your health costs.

Smart tip

You should never let a dog lick you, especially if you have a cut, as their saliva contains a bacteria calledCapnocytophaga canimorsuswhich in rare cases can cause sepsis.

Those affected have often had their spleen removed or suffer from immunosuppression. In 2018, an American had to have all four limbs amputated after contracting this terrible bacteria. This drama makes you think!

To meditate :“The most aggressive form of fear is aggression. "

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