Beaucarnea: the elephant's foot!

Beaucarnea: the elephant's foot!

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Beaucarnéa is a very beautiful indoor tree appreciated for its foliage and its pretty trunk.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Beaucarnea
Family : Agavaceae
Type : Houseplant

: 1 to 2 m indoors
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Soil

Foliage : Persistent

Planting and repotting, maintenance and watering are all things that will improve its growth and prevent it from getting sick.

Planting Beaucarnea

Even if it is not very demanding in terms of soil and substrate, planting Beaucarnea should allow you to increase its lifespan.

Beaucarnea can't stand excess water and must be planted in a pot pierced at the bottom with a bed of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot.

It likes to be cramped and should never be planted in a pot that is too large.

Beaucarnea indoors:

  • Use a special houseplant potting soil.
  • Ideally perform a repotting after purchase and then approximately every 3 years.
  • When repotting, choose a pot that is only slightly larger in diameter as it needs to stay cramped in its pot.
  • Choose a very bright place even sunny but avoid too hot sun which could dry out the foliage.
  • Avoid placing your Beaucarnea behind a bay window facing south.

Beaucarnea outdoors:

Growing Beaucarnea is not possible where the temperature drops below 15 ° in winter.

  • Beaucarnea outdoors only adapts to tropical climates.
  • It is then planted indifferently, in spring or fall.
  • Choose a sunny spot.

Maintenance of Beaucarnea

Beaucarnea is easy to maintain since, once properly installed in your house or apartment, it requires a minimum care.

Beaucarnea cannot withstand temperatures below around 10 ° in winter.

  • Indoors:
    We can reduce the length of the leaves to give it a beautiful silhouette and a more compact effect.
    Cut excessively long leaves on the diagonal so that they continue to curl.
  • Outdoors :
    No size is essential.

Watering Beaucarnea

Beaucarnea is a plant that only claims very little water. This is what makes them one of the easiest houseplants in terms of watering.

  • For the growing Beaucarnea in pots, one watering per month is sufficient, 2 during hot weather.
    No need to water in winter unless the leaves are dry.
    You should know that Beaucarnea prefer one lack of water than too much watering which could rot the roots.
  • Outdoors, no watering is necessary because Beaucarnea needs to "suffer" to feel good.

Beaucarnea disease

A cotton wool forms on the surface and under the leaves of Beaucarnea, it is undoubtedly the cochineal.

It is therefore essential to treat as soon as possible because a strong invasion of mealybugs can doom Beaucarnea and even infest other houseplants in your home or apartment.

  • Find our mealybug treatment tips.

To know about the elephant's foot

The beaucaréna, or elephant's foot, is from mexico and thrives particularly in dry and arid soils.

It adapts particularly well to the indoor cultivation, but you can take it out from May to September to give it some fresh air.

he likes to be cramped and therefore does not need to be planted in a pot or container of disproportionate size.

Beaucarnea is slow growing which makes it an ideal houseplant in our climates.

Smart tip about Beaucarnea

When watering, prefer a water at room temperature because too cold it could disturb your beaucarnéa.

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