Fern, trendy plant 2019

Fern, trendy plant 2019

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In the garden as indoors, it has everything to please: airy and wild look, decorative foliage, easy to maintain, rapid growth ... Adopt the fern!

Fern is an undergrowth perennial that loves shade, freshness and humidity. Even if it does not flower, it is far from ordinary: some have deciduous foliage and others evergreen, sometimes jagged light green foliage (like the Boston or German fern XL version), sometimes full and deeper, even shiny (like Deer Tongue). The tufts of leaves are more or less airy or compact depending on the variety… There are more than 9,000 of them, from ground covers to arborescent, some intended exclusively for the outside, therefore rustic, and others adapting to the environment. interior, therefore tropical.

A perfect joker

Majestic in beds and edges of water features, amazing in rockeries and at ease in pot and in suspension, this plant from coastal areas and tropical atmospheres thrives in an ambient temperature of around 20 ° C, at high humidity, in acidic and cool soils, and suitable for shady areas.

The expert authors of the Small Rustica Treatise on Perennial Plants (at Rustica éditions) explain its originality as follows: “ferns can settle in every corner of the garden and are even essential for all shady places in gardens (...): they allow to decorate very dark areas where hardly anything grows ”.

Plant it in the spring ideally, or in the fall, without burying it too deep. It will also be easy to propagate in the spring.

At the end of winter, cut back the dry fronds, which you can save as they turn out to be an excellent mulch - essential at the base of ferns to keep their roots cool and their soil moist.

The fern comes out of the shadows

Indispensable in an indoor green corner, Urban Jungle trend, the fern is perfectly content with dark or poorly lit apartments, bathrooms just sufficiently bright, near a window.

In a living room, choose it imposing and already mature so that it immediately looks the best. Unless you only have room for a dwarf fern, then go for the Silver Lady. Keep it away from radiators and drafts or south-facing windows and consider spraying it with rainwater ideally because it does not like lime in tap water.

His potting soil should always be moist but well drained. The subjects in pots will however like to be taken out in the fresh air between May and September, under a tree or under a porch, always in a shaded place.

Finally, apart from Eagle ferns, most ferns are non-toxic and indoor plants are 100% safe for your pets.

If you had to choose only one, go for the boston fern, also called nephrolepis, which adapts particularly well indoors. It is truly the indoor green plant that will be trendy in 2019!

Its foliage is persistent, it is decorative and graphic, also depolluting (it absorbs formaldehyde).

In the World's Easiest Garden Book (published by Hachette), a bathroom composition in which the Boston fern is the star is proposed, nicely highlighted with a papyrus, anthurium and an aglaoneme.

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