Which chickens for my henhouse?

Which chickens for my henhouse?

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If your goal is to have the pleasure of harvesting fresh eggs all year round, two to three hens are sufficient for a family of four to five members, each producing 130 to 150 eggs per year.

This type of breeding is possible in a small garden, even in the city, unlike chicken breeding, which requires more space. Even if nothing prevents you from passing one of your chickens to the pan ...

Good laying hens

There are a multitude of breeds of good layers at once resistant and rustic. The most common are red hen and the Marans hybrid, a black and copper hen. You will find them for sale in all markets, and they are not expensive. Therefore ideal for "beginners".

If the idea of ​​someday roasting your hen doesn't turn you off, go for an older breed. Choose a local variety, perfectly adapted to the climate of your region : Cotentine, Bresse, Géline de Touraine, Gâtinaise, Alsatian hen, Meusienne… Each territory has its hen! These ancient races also have the advantage of being beautiful. By adopting them, you are helping to protect the diversity of French hens. You will find the list of breeders near you on the website of the French Poultry Federation.

Good to know about chickens

Most hens stop laying during the cold season. If you want eggs in winter, adopt a hen who will be six months old by the end of fall (the beginning of laying age) or choose breeds of winter layers (like Géline de Touraine or Gâtinaise). Hens lay less from the age of three and cease at age eight, they can live to 18 years.

The quality of food is essential to get good eggs. Chickens especially needsnack grass, because it is the latter that contains the xanthophyll necessary for a beautiful orangey and creamy yellow.

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