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Wallflower: the flower of the walls

Wallflower: the flower of the walls

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Wallflower is a small flower with a sweet scent that is essential for flower beds.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Erysimum
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual or biennial

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : April to October depending on the variety

Planting, sowing wallflower

Here is a plant that will delight places in the garden where nothing usually grows.

Purchased in a cup, it is recommended to plant in spring or fall. The proximity of a place of life is interesting because it gives off a very nice scent.

  • Choose a sunny spot
  • Water during the first weeks after planting
  • No need to add fertilizer, wallflowers don't need it

Wallflower seedlings:

For wallflower seeds, do a seedlings in the nursery from the March and put it in place in May.

The summer wallflowers, they, are sown from February-March and under shelter for a set up during May and a flowering during the summer.

But you can also sow directly in place, Mostly the wallflowers ravenelles, after all risk of frost, from May to July

  • In a soil loosened by a few blows of the shovels, sow on the fly
  • Water regularly until emergence and then as soon as the soil is dry
  • Thin out to 30 cm as soon as the plants have a few leaves

Pruning, caring for wallflower

No maintenance is really necessary, but to stimulate flowering, remove faded flowers as you go

If your wallflowers become invasive you can pull them out in part by avoiding doing it when the seeds are ready to drop.

If the slugs and / or snails cause damage, do not hesitate to keep them away ...

To know about the wallflower

At a time very floriferous and aesthetic, this perennial grown as an annual or biennial is also called Flower of the walls.

It is indeed quite easy to install in a old stone wall where it is sown and reseeded naturally from year to year.

But we will also find it in massive or planter with its very beautiful, ephemeral and generous flowering.

The wallflower takes its name from its very suave scent with hints of cloves and which strangely resembles that of cloves.

She adapts to the most difficult places and brightens them up in the most beautiful way

Smart tip about wallflower

Cut off the faded flowers, this will stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

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