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Polygala: a very decorative shrub

Polygala: a very decorative shrub

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The Myrtle-leaved Polygala is a shrub that offers surprising blooms all summer long and often lasts until early fall.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Polygala
Family : Polygalaceae
Type : Shrub

: 0.5 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent -Flowering : April to October

In pots or in the ground for regions with a mild winter climate, it is easy to maintain, although a few tips are in order to improve its growth.

Planting polygala

Planting of the poly gala takes place preferably in spring because planting in the fall could weaken it to face its first winter.

It is important towater regularly during the first 2 years in order to facilitate the rooting and therefore the recovery of your polygala.

  • Poly gala likes sunny situations, essential for a beautiful flowering
  • He prefers to be sheltered from the wind

Polygala in pot:

Growing polygala in pots is quite possible and even recommended if it freezes in your area.

  • You will be able to bring in your polygala in winter to avoid frost
  • In winter, it will need light but also a certain freshness, ideally between 0 and 15 °
  • It is not made to stay inside a heated house or apartment in winter.

Polygala cutting:

Polygala on the cutting in spring on young stems or at the end of summer on stems already hardened.

Polygala maintenance

Once installed, polygala is an easy to care for flowering plant.

  • Remove wilted flowers as you go.
  • Possible formation pruning before flowering, in early spring.

Watering polygala:

It must be regular during hot weather.

Prefer watering in the evening to avoid unnecessary evaporation.

In pots, as soon as the soil is dry, except in winter when you should limit yourself to 1 or 2 watering (s) per month

Polygala in winter:

Polygala is not very hardy and therefore will not withstand severe winter frosts, especially if they were to last.

The frost resistance of poygala is in the order of -7 °, but if it is short-lived.

If it freezes heavily in your area, grow polygala in a container and bring it into a shelter in winter.

  • It will be good at a temperature between 5 and 15 ° maximum in winter.

Good to know about polygala

A very beautiful shrub of South African origin, Polygala offers quite spectacular flowering for a good part of the year.

Easy to maintain, it only grows well in relatively warm climates such as the Mediterranean.

Otherwise, choose a container culture and shelter your shrub during the winter.

If its foliage is evergreen, it may lose its leaves in winter after a cold snap.

Smart tip about polygala

Prefer a well-drained soil to avoid root rot.

Video: Milkworts - Polygala - Mjólkururt - Ísópsvöndur - Pottaplanta - Sumarblóm (July 2022).


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