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Cleome: the spider plant

Cleome: the spider plant

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Cleomes are beautiful annuals that adorn our gardens in the middle of summer, offering large inflorescences of pink, white or purple color.

Also called a spider plant, the cleome is part of the same family as the caper plant.

Last name : Cleome spinosa
Family : Capparidaceae
Type : Annual

Height : 80 cm to 1.5 m depending on the variety
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich and well drained

Flowering : June to October

Sowing and planting the cleome

The cleome is cultivated in our latitudes as an annual because it cannot withstand temperatures below 6-8 °.

  • Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing to speed up emergence (10 to 15 days)

You will therefore need to sow your keyome seeds every year, i.e. in the ground from April, or sow a little before under shelter for a setting up from the month of May.

  • The planting therefore takes place from April in the southern regions and during May north of the Loire.
  • Space the plants 40 to 60 cm apart, forming a cluster of ten young plants
  • The cleome is ideal at the bottom of a massif
  • Pinch the seedlings during planting to speed up branching

In sowing beforehand in a box from March-April, you will be able to transplant stronger plants in pots before planting them when the climate is more favorable to the development of this plant.

  • The cleome needs a rich, well-drained soil
  • He likes hot and sunny situations
  • He dreads too windy places that make him bend his stems

Cleome maintenance

The cleome tolerates drought fairly well and do not fear diseases which makes it very easy to maintain.

Once properly installed in the ground, you just need towater only in case of drought prolonged.

A staking of stems may be necessary if they happen to bend.

Finally, remove withered flowers over time to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

Cleome in pot:

The cleome, when cultivated in pots, is a little more afraid of the soil drying out and should be watered a little more often with moderation.

You can also stake the long stems if they tend to sag.

All you need to know about cleomes

The cleome is native to South America and Africa depending on the variety and has about 120 species, the most widely cultivated in our regions, the Cleome spinosa, also called the spider plant.

We like in the cleome its large scented flowers of pink, white or purple color and its leaves of green color and palmate shape, also very decorative.

Not very hardy, cleomes may have only this drawback even if it is easily cultivated and can even be reseeded from year to year.

Smart tip about the cleome

On the terrace or in the ground, avoid drafts for the cleome because its stems bend and fall easily.

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