What practices for “organic wine”?

What practices for “organic wine”?

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Since 2012, the appellation has been governed by European regulations.

Until 2012, wine from organic farming was reported in France with the AB label awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture. But, while it certified the organic character of the grape, it did not concern the techniques and products used in the winemaking process.

Applicable since August 2012, a European regulation has defined the practices compatible with the designation "organic wine". This time, this supervises the production of grape and winemaking. The designation is only assigned subject to an annual check by a certification body.

Vineyard management

The conduct of the vine in organic farming is based on the use of products of exclusively natural origin for the fertilization and protection of vines, ibanning of GMOs, weed management by mechanical means.

European rules for organic wine making require the use of ’organic ingredients, define restrictions and prohibitions in the use of certain transformation processes, impose compliance with a restricted list of oenological additives and auxiliaries and restrictions on the levels of sulfur dioxide in wine.

Organic wine: a very dynamic sector

It should be noted however that one can find behind the mention "Organic wine" very different realities. It can equally well be applied to a production which will have used all the authorized processes as to a wine resulting from biodynamic agriculture whose charter is much more demanding.

Several voices have also spoken to denounce a regulation deemed too lax by still allowing the use of unnatural products and techniques. This is a first step. A revision of the regulations is planned for 2015. It will undoubtedly be able to go further ...

The organic wine sector is theone of the most dynamic organic vegetable sectors in France. According to the French Agency for the Development and Promotion of Organic Agriculture, the areas of organic French vineyards have almost tripled since 2007, coming in at nearly 65,000 hectares in 2012 (for around 5,000 producers).

Numerous areas under conversion point to significant market arrivals in 2014. Direct sales are the main marketing channel for organic wines, the consumption of which is constantly increasing.

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