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Ornamental garlic: a very decorative perennial

Ornamental garlic: a very decorative perennial

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Ornamental garlic is a beautiful perennial, well known for its highly decorative flower stems.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Allium
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Perennial

: 20 to 100 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : May to July

Easy to grow, ornamental garlic is perfect in beds but also in pots or planters to adorn terraces and balconies.

Ornamental garlic plantation

Planting ornamental garlic is one of the most important steps because, done right, it improves the growth and flowering of the plant.

Plant ornamental garlic from September to December, preferably in small groups of at least 5 bulbs, in flower beds, flower beds, or in pots on the balcony or terrace at a depth of about 20 cm, in a sunny place or a little in the shade.

In summary :

  • Plant the bulbs in the fall about 15/20 cm deep to prevent them from freezing.
  • Proceed in groups of 10 to 15 bulbs to create spots of color.
  • Find our advice planting bulbs
  • Know how to plant bulbs in flooded or clay soil

Caring for ornamental garlic

Ornamental garlic is an easy to care for bulb flower in any season.

It grows back to bloom again from year to year, provided you follow a few rules:

  • Cut the wilted flowers as you go by cutting the stem as close to the ground as possible.
  • Only cut the foliage when it has turned yellow because that is when it is building up its reserves for the next flowering.
  • No addition of fertilizer is necessary.

Good to know about ornamental garlic

Ornamental garlic is a relatively easy-growing perennial that will produce very pretty purplish-blue flowers up to 8 to 12 inches in diameter.

In clumps or borders but also along a wall or isolated tuft, the decorative effect of this plant is guaranteed!
It is also used in a bouquet because, the foliage like the flowers, form magnificent bouquets.

At the top of the ornamental garlic, of course, is a large ball well supplied with hundreds of small flowers ranging from purple to midnight blue.

This sensational garlic in a dried version is also very decorative. You can, for example, insert this dried flower into a bouquet or Christmas arrangement or, just like with freshly cut flowers, put it in a thin vase.

In the garden, this variety combines perfectly with other varieties of shorter garlic, ixias, beautiful dark red tulips to cut or Lily pure white.

Smart tip for ornamental garlic

For taller species, you can stake the stem to prevent it from lying down in the wind.

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