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Fragrant hyacinths

Fragrant hyacinths

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In forced cultivation, they perfume our houses in winter.

Then they settle in the garden in spring and it is an enchantment of colors and scents.

  • Gardening: how to properly grow and maintain hyacinth

Hyacinth: for the record

Hyacinth is native to West Asia, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

This flower at very strong fragrance East symbol of peace and power, but also of simplicity.

An oriental poet once compared his mistress's hair to the elegance of the hyacinth.

And nowadays the term "curls" is sometimes used to describe the rounded movements of the petals that can be seen on garden hyacinths.

  • In gardens, it is planted in the ground in the fall and flowers from April to June, depending on the variety and the climate. It thrives in light soil (possibly add sand), well drained and humus.
  • It loves the sun but also tolerates a little shade and is very resistant to frost (down to - 15 ° C).
  • It is propagated by separating the small bulbs after the leaves have wilted, and we can replant in the fall following these offspring which will, of course, be less flowering.
  • On the other hand, it is useless to replant the bulbs which bloomed at Christmas, they are forced under glass and would not survive the seasonal shift (they will have to be replanted the following spring)

Given their intense fragrance, plant hyacinths near the house, along a passage, under your windows ...

  • Gardening: how to properly grow and maintain hyacinth

Pretty bouquets of hyacinths

Hyacinths also grow readily in our homes, as on our terraces and balconies, and you can prepare large stews.

You can also buy them to make hyacinth bouquets. The most common colors are white, pink or purple, and different shades of blue.

The quality of hyacinths has increased significantly since being marketed with the bulb on the stem. The cut hyacinths are more and more used in floral art. With their attractive colors, they go perfectly with all seasonal bouquets.

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