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Very decorative berry shrubs

Very decorative berry shrubs

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Winter is not the period that offers the most flowers in our garden, but it is likely to give way to very beautiful colors.

Many shrubs have the fortunate characteristic of being adorned with beautiful, colorful berries that brighten up and decorate the garden.

Berry shrubs

It is a festival of color that can be created by choosing plants whose branches turn into a veritable "pearl" shrub.

  • The berries play a very active role in feeding the winter fauna and in particular the birds which delight in these fruits when food is scarce.
  • You create an environment conducive to welcoming birds to your garden, which is a spectacle of great beauty and also helps to preserve the ecosystem.

The most beautiful berry shrubs

  • The holly will amaze you with its unique foliage and bright red berries, while giving you the opportunity to create surprising decorations this holiday season.
  • The mahonia and its magnificent yellow clusters will give light to your shrub beds
  • Thehawthorn will seduce you with its berries and foliage in various shades.
  • On the practical and aesthetic side, we find the elderberry whose fruits even make very good jams and attract birds thanks to their almost black color.
  • We also find the essential cotoneaster whose red berries advantageously cover the foliage of the shrub throughout the winter, such as burning bush, also known as Pyracantha.
  • Finally, thearbutus, as beautiful in hedge as in isolated, offers beautiful red berries resembling strawberries in the fall.

Berry shrubs have, you will understand, virtues that few of their congeners have.
They decorate, bring cheerfulness and retain the fauna of your garden.
Here are some great planting ideas to give your gardening space a beautiful shine from fall until early spring!

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