Bad breath in dogs: causes and treatments

Bad breath in dogs: causes and treatments

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No matter how much you love your dog, his breath is hard to bear.

Rest assured, you just need to find the causes related to this inconvenience to implement the appropriate treatments.

Here are our tips ...

Why does the dog have bad breath?

There are several reasons that your dog is in pain halitosis(or unpleasant smell of breath).

  • An unsuitable diet:

Originally, the dog is carnivorous. The croquettes contain cereals, fruits and vegetables that put a strain on the intestine.

Suffering from digestive disorders, the dog must eliminate toxins which gives him bad breath.

  • Diabetes :

If your dog drinks uncontrollably, eats and urinates more than usual, you should see your veterinarian. He may have diabetes, which is likely the reason for his bad breath.

Your vet may also consider severe constipation, cancer, kidney failure, or sinusitis if you have a sudden onset of bad breath.

  • Coprophagy:

Some dogs eat their own feces and that of their peers.

  • Tartar:

What is tartar?It is the thickening and mineralization of dental plaque. This is mainly made up of bacteria. Tartar is found on the dog's fangs and molars.

Small dogs have a genetic predisposition to tartar formation (especially the poodle).

With age, tartar inevitably sets in.

> Did you know?

If your dog has very scaled teeth, they can loosen and create abscesses. The bacteria then proliferate and cause infections that attack vital organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Treating bad breath in dogs

From the earliest age,you must offer a diet adapted to your dog.

  • Ideally, the food should be high in protein and cooked at a low temperature.
  • We will favor lamb, chicken and fish (salmon) which are easy to digest (beef and pork are more difficult to assimilate).
  • We will avoid cereals, fruits and vegetables.
  • Dry food is beneficial because it allows the dog to chew. The bigger they are, the more interesting they are.
  • Rations should be reasonable so as not to overload the dog's stomach. We must prefer quality to quantity.

Delay the onset of tartar

From the earliest age,you need to have a routine of care to protect your dog's teeth from tartar.

  • You can brush her teeth with a suitable toothpaste. Get him used to it by gently rubbing toothpaste over his teeth with your finger. Gradually offer him the toothbrush (or equip your finger with a silicone finger cot). Don't forget to give him a treat to reward him.
  • In case of refusal of the toothbrush and finger cot, there is toothpaste to give in the form of a seal which has an abrasive effect.
  • Offer him a bone to chew on regularly or a dental chew toy (rope, Kong, etc.). The mechanical action of chewing is very effective.
  • There are algae in powder form to be placed on food. Called Ascophyllum Nodosum, it is absorbed into the dog's blood and when it reaches his saliva, it has the power to dissolve tartar.

Remove tartar

In case of tartar installed on your dog's teeth, your veterinarian is the only one who can remove it.

  • After examining your dog, he will remove the tartar with an ultrasonic device. It is a thin metal tip vibrating (at high frequency) which helps loosen tartar.
  • This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The cost is estimated between 100 and 300 euros depending on the severity and weight of your dog.
  • To fight oral bacteria, your veterinarian may offer your dog a course of targeted antibiotics.

Smart advice

You can incorporate cooling solutions (like Virbrac Vet Aquaden) into your dog's water bowl to help fight bad breath and plaque.

AT meditate : “What breath! He could never catch a live fly. "

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