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Lamb skewer with tomatoes, zucchini and onions

Lamb skewer with tomatoes, zucchini and onions

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Summer is the time for grilling and kebabs, an ideal meal when you have a barbecue or plancha available.

Here is an original recipe for lamb skewers with zucchini, tomatoes and onions.

Ingredients for 6 people (about 12 skewers):

  • 1.2 kg oflamb (shoulder or leg)
  • 6 tomatoes
  • 2 courgettes
  • 6 small onions or 4 big
  • Provence herbs

Recipe for lamb skewers with zucchini, tomatoes and onions:

The success of this recipe lies above all in the cooking, as the lamb should not be overcooked, as it may be a little dry.

To avoid this and to flavor it at the same time, it can be marinated for a few hours with olive oil and Provence herbs ...

  • Start by cutting the lamb into good-sized pieces (about 3 cm per side)
  • Wash the vegetables without peeling them
  • Peel the onions
  • Cut the onions and vegetables into pieces the size of the meat
  • Bring barbecue spades
  • Prick the meat, alternating lamb, zucchini, onion and tomato
  • Sprinkle with Provence herbs on top then pour a drizzle of olive oil

Your skewers are then ready to cook on the barbecue or on the plancha ...

Enjoy your meal !

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