Carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

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October 31st is Halloween. For the occasion, how about making the famous Jack O’Lantern as it is called across the Atlantic? Whether or not you have kids, this activity is always great fun to do. Here are our tips for give your pumpkin an original makeover. Have fun !

The material you need:

  • A large pumpkin, preferably round
  • A felt tip pen or marker
  • A very resistant knife
  • A cutter
  • A large, very resistant spoon
  • A flat candle
  • A cloth

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The step by step to carve a pumpkin

  • Step 1 : Clean the pumpkin well to remove soil. Take the felt or marker and draw a circle around the tail of the pumpkin. It is through this opening that the pumpkin will be emptied of its seeds and flesh. It must be large enough so that you can easily slide your hand and spoon into it.
  • 2nd step : Cutting the cover is a very delicate step.
    If this activity is done with children, this part should be done by an adult. It is important to be very careful not to injure yourself.
    Take a knife and place it about 90 degrees to the surface of the pumpkin. This cutting angle will allow the hat not to fall to the bottom of the pumpkin once it is dug! You have to go slowly by pushing the knife very deeply at the level of the drawn circle. After you have finished cutting the assembly, carefully remove the cover and remove the hanging pulp.
  • Step 3: Use the spoon to remove the seeds and flesh from the pumpkin. This simple and safe step can be taken by a child.
    Be careful, sometimes the smell that emanates from the inside of the pumpkin can bother some people, especially the younger ones.
  • Step 4: Then draw the designs of your Jack O’Lantern with a felt tip pen or marker. It could be eyes, a nose and a mouth.
    For our part, we made the choice to make a scared character with eyes, a wide open mouth and hands on the cheeks.
  • Step 5: Again, it is an adult who will take care of cutting these elements using the knife. Use the cutter for small details or to smooth the cut.
    Vigilance is essential. You have to take your time so as not to injure yourself unnecessarily.
  • Step 6: Take a candle and place it in the center of the pumpkin. At night, have it lit by an adult.
    The magic will operate in a few moments! Scary, isn't it?

You are now all set for Halloween!

Laetitia Devillars

Photo credits: Laetitia Devillars (photos not free of rights)

> To read also: Halloween, the origin of the grimacing pumpkin



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