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Coffee: benefits and virtues

Coffee: benefits and virtues

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Coffee is a drink obtained from the seeds ofcoffee tree (Coffea arabica), an evergreen shrub of tropical regions. It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and offers many benefits and virtues for our health.

Coffee and its health benefits

Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen, before expanding throughout the Arab world. It arrived in Europe in the 16th century where it has since become one of the most consumed drinks.

  • Coffee has a beneficial effect on the duration of vigilance and it delays the onset of the sensation of tired. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals as well as compoundsantioxidants.
  • Coffee has an action stimulating, tonicardiac and diuretic. In case oftired or if you suffer asthenia, coffee is recommended.
  • Source of magnesium, coffee is beneficial for thebone development, the dental health and the proper functioning of immune system.
  • Coffee is also recognized for its action against headache and the migraines. The action of caffeine on blood vessels brain causes a decrease in the intensity and duration of migraines.
  • Coffee also acts on the gall bladder and it would have protective effects against the formation of gallstones. Coffee also increases the production of gastric juice and thus activates digestion.
  • If you are suffering fromgastric acidity, of diarrhea, hypertension, of palpitations or insomnia, refrain from drinking coffee.
  • Coffee would also have an effect protective on the onset of symptoms of Parkinson's, but studies on the question remain to confirm.
  • Warning, the consumption excessive of coffee has negative effects on the body: nervousness, anxiety, aggressiveness and insomnia. Too much coffee excessively solicits the body and also creates a habituation which it is difficult to get rid of.

Uses of coffee grounds

Rather than throwing away your coffee filter and its coffee grounds every day, reuse it!

  • Put down the coffee grounds at the foot of your plants and mix it with the earth, it's a organic natural fertilizer that will germinate your seeds and repel slugs and snails!
  • Rub your hands with coffee grounds after peeling garlic or onions: it eliminate immediately the smells.
  • Caffeine is a super anti cellulite component which also offers decongestant and remodeling virtues. Mix your coffee grounds with coconut oil and coarse salt: you obtain an exfoliating cream ideal for a scrub anti cellulite.

Coffee in the kitchen for its benefits

Served in hot beverage at breakfast, of course, or after a meal, coffee is also tasted like a good wine, with a vocabulary and dedicated accessories!

We also use thecoffee extract in many pastry recipes: creams, cakes, ice creams and macaroons.

Growing coffee for its health benefits

Coffee flourishes in a rich soil, humus, deep and draining. He needs a semi-shaded exposure, hot and humid. In pots, you can make a pretty houseplant

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