Cat and pregnancy, toxoplasmosis: what to do

Cat and pregnancy, toxoplasmosis: what to do

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Misconceptions about the dangers of cats during pregnancy often lead to the abandonment of the latter.

Here are some tips for adopting protective actions.

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The cat and toxoplasmosis

Only outdoor catscan be vectors of toxoplasmosis (like poorly washed vegetables or raw or undercooked meat). They are infected by hunting birds and mice that carry the parasite.

Indoor cats are protected if you feed them exclusively with dry food.

Protect yourself from toxoplasmosis

At the start of pregnancy, the doctor prescribes a toxoplasmosis serodiagnosis(blood test).

If the test is positive, it means that you have had the disease before, so you are fully immune. Otherwise, you will have to adopt the right gestures with your cat.

  • Put on gloves to remove the excrement (carrier of the parasite) from your cat's litter every day or leave this task to another person.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Change the litter box once a week by cleaning it with hot water.
  • Go for junk food.

Recall : Toxoplasmosis can cause mental retardation, intracranial calcification, inflammation of the eyes (retina), heart defects, and sometimes fetal death.

Getting the cat used to the baby's crying

When you go to bring your baby home, your cat will be faced with noisesthat he does not knowand risk of stress.

  • You can record baby cries or download them from the Internet (different cries and intonations) and play them to your cat. When you feel comfortable, gradually increase the volume.
  • Proceed in the same way for all the sounds that you think are appropriate.

Get the cat used to new objects

While waiting for your baby, you will prepare his room and bring home new objects that can destabilizeyour cat.

  • To feel good, your cat rubs everywhere to deposit pheromones that allow him to find his way around and reassure himself.
  • Spray pheromones in the form of a spray (available from veterinarians) on the toys (etc.) of your future baby.
  • Rub your cat with a cloth or sponge to collect its pheromones. Then wipe each new object with the cloth or sponge to deposit your cat's pheromones.

Forbid the baby's bed to the cat

Even if the baby's room is forbidden to the cat, we can forget to inadvertently close the door. Better find preventative tips to discourage him from getting on the baby's bed.

  • Place objects in your baby's bed that will scare your cat away, such as sheets of aluminum foil, soda cans, marbles ... Their contact will be unpleasant and he will lose the habit of sneaking onto the baby's bed.

ATknow : the cat will not hurt your baby on purpose. They are simply an animal looking for cozy places and warmth. It is his weight compared to your baby's that is a danger, as he could suffocate him by lying against him.

Smart advice

  • Do not spend more time with your cat during your pregnancy out of guilt. You won't be able to give it that much attention after the baby arrives. He would then risk developing behavioral disorders.

Organize your cat's care (food, games, etc.) as soon as possible, keeping to the pace you will have after the baby arrives. Your cat will be less unsettled.

To meditate : “A house without a cat is an aquarium without fish. "

Jean-Louis Hue


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