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Winter plantations

Winter plantations

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Outside of frost, it is possible to flower your garden or terrace, even in winter. On the program, perennials and spring bulbs.

“In winter the earth weeps; the cold, pale and soft sun comes late and leaves early, bored with the meeting. "These verses by Victor Hugo do not delight lovers of bright blooms.

However, with the onset of winter, there is still time to get busy with the plantings that will brighten up the decor of the planters and herald the first beautiful days.

Winter perennial flowers

Perennials thus find their place in flower beds or rock gardens. Undisputed queen of the season, thehellebore can be planted year round without frost and flowers from November to March. Both robust and elegant, the one we call the christmas rose presents several varieties and colors ranging from white-green to pink or purple. The cool soil suits them well, the shade does not scare them but beware of too strong gusts of wind.

The winter heather, the holly, the thoughts yellow, orange or red smeared with black, can ensure the transition with the first primroses. Without forgetting the traditional chrysanthemum and the originals ornamental sprouts.

Bulbs of your choice

It remains to prepare the awakening of nature by planting the spring bulbs.

With the mild temperatures more and more frequent in autumn, it is still found in December in garden centers. The prices are then advantageous at the end of the season.

To guarantee their quality, choose them still firm, rather heavy and of a large caliber. Be careful that they are not taken over by mold. Do not hesitate to take enough of them to allow you to ensure a mass effect during their flowering.

To exercise your creativity, opt for crocus which bloom at the end of winter at the foot of trees or at the edge of lawns thanks to a sunny or semi-shaded exposure. Once formed, the tufts start again from one year to the next if you have spared them the mower!

In December, there is still time to plant the tulip bulbs which will bloom from March to May.

  • Prefer a well-drained soil and a sunny location.
  • Mix the colors in a group of 20 to 50 bulbs.

Until January, you can plant the daffodils and daffodils indoors, first in a cool, humid place and then in the light as soon as the leaves start to emerge. Apply the same principle for hyacinths with scented bells.

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