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Tea tree: it treats many infections

Tea tree: it treats many infections

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Thetea tree still called "Tea Tree" is a small tree from the botanical name of "Melaleuca alternifolia ". Plant of the Myrtaceae family, the tea tree is from Australia (North). It is also found in the hot parts of the North America. His bushy foliage and delicate allows its cultivation in bonsai in China, and makes it decorative.

The plant that grows wild (in swamps, along waterways, on clay and sandy soils during heavy rains), is also cultivated in many parts of the world (Zimbabwe, New Zealand).

Long used as disinfectant and antiseptic for the care of the skin, it was after World War II that its medical use expanded. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, it is effective in the treatment of many skin infections.

What are the therapeutic virtues of this plant? What are their benefits on the human body? How to get the most benefit from it? Are there any contraindications ? Overview…..

Tea tree, for the record ...

The varieties of the tea tree are various. There are some 150 species of trees and shrubs, including Cajeput (melaleuca cajeputii) and Niaouli (melaleuca quinquenervia).

Often confused with the tea plant, the peculiarity of this plant is linked to its maintenance.
Indeed, its maintenance at humid and cool temperatures, especially at night, is essential. This in a bright room, but away from direct sunlight, so as to maintain it in a permanent vegetative period.

The tea tree requires a lot of monitoring. It is recommended to water it as soon as it shows hanging leaves or the substrate feels dry to the touch. It buds very easily from the rear and the young shoots that appear help shape it into the desired shape. This form will be maintained throughout the vegetative period.

It is therefore from the slender leaves of the tea tree that theoil essential. It is a colorless liquid with a fresh and woody scent.

Very present as well in cosmetics (creams, ointments, soaps, shampoos, etc.), whatever organic food, the tea tree, is now cultivated for commercial purposes.

Tea tree: use, benefits and virtues

Thanks to its main biochemical constituents (gamma-terpinene and terpinen-4-ol), tea tree is recommended for the treatment of skin lesions; especially the yeast infection feet, eczema, the ringworms, the psoriasis. Very effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and major anti-infective, it has also been proven to fight againstacne, the furunculosis, warts, dandruff and even lice.

In addition, it strengthens immune defenses of the body, relieves burns, sunburn and insect bites. It contributes to theoral hygiene, fights against periodontal diseases, while giving a radiant whiteness to the teeth.

Its essential oil is a venous and lymphatic decongestant, a anti-inflammatory, a pest control and antiviral. Its benefits have been proven during temporary fatigue, and in the fight against mites.

Experts have also discovered therapeutic virtues in the treatment of vaginal infections.

Smart tips about tea tree or tea tree

To treat skin infections (foot fungus, nail infections ...), experts recommend mixing 2 drops of tea tree oil, 1 drop of lavender oil, at 1 tsp. olive oil. Then apply it to the infected areas, using a cotton ball, several times a day.

In order to avoid allergic reactions, it is imperative to use diluted tea tree oil, never in concentrate. Avoid sensitive areas (eyes, nose, mouth or genitals) and never ingest it. In such cases, consult a doctor.

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