Choose the name of a dog or a cat

Choose the name of a dog or a cat

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“Popeye! Sit! "" Mayhem! You are the best of cats! "Note that if you welcome a purebred dog or cat in 2019, their name will start with the letter P. Why ? Our team conducted the investigation ...

A little vocabulary to better understand:

The LOF(or French Book of Origins): It is a register created in 1885, in which appears the origin of purebred dogs born in France. Each country has its own.

The cats have an equivalent. We are talking about LOOF(or Official Book of Feline Origins).

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Confirmation at LOF

It is a presentation in front of experienced judges (for canines and for felines). The passage can be done during an exhibition for example. They check that your animal does not have eliminatory defects compared to the defined standard (color, character, morphology). Only a favorable outcome allows the dog to become LOF definitively and the cat to obtain its LOOF pedigree. You no longer have a companion lambda,but a purebred animal.

The SSC:

  • It is an organization recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture founded in 1881.
  • She registers births on the LOF.
  • She takes care of the confirmations.
  • She is in charge of the central file which groups tattooed or microchipped dogs.
  • It ensures the promotion and selection of dog breeds in France.

For cats,it's the LOOF or Federation for the management of the official Book of feline origins. It issues and manages the pedigrees of all purebred cats born in France.

The affix:

It’s the breeder’s signature. It is found for example after the name of your dog (Pongo of Hara, Pandora of Hara ...) Requested from the SCC, it is the pledge of the fame and seriousness of breeding.

One letter per year

By doing this maze in the animal world, we can easily imagine the large number of individuals to manage and the immense organization that this can represent. It is a universe governed by very precise rules. Today, a breeder must declare the service and register the puppies in LOF (or kittens in LOOF), to obtain a provisional certificate, as soon as they are born.

At first, that wasn't the case; some did it months or years later. Very quickly, consulting the register became laborious and problematic, as the animals were registered in an order that was not chronological.

In 1926, the SCC decided that all dogs born in the same year would weara name with the same letter.In this way, it is easier to do research on an animal (date of birth…), whatever its species. The letters Z, K, Q, W, X, and Y were removed because they did not provide enough choice. We come back to the same letter every twenty years.

To notethat since 2014, the LOOF allows an alternative for excluded letters. They can be used with the letter of the year preceding them. This is how the year of the D one can choose a name starting with a K.

In 1972, the National Commission for Genetic Improvement agreed to apply this rule to all species. The first letter used in 1973 was the "L".

Choose the name of your animal

If you do not want to run the competitions and if you do not care about obtaining the LOF or the LOOF, indulge yourself by choosing its name. We will then speak of an "appearance" dog or a "racial type" cat. It is better if it is short to facilitate education, as it will need to be associated with each order.

Some famous dog names that make you smile:

  • Plutohero of Walt disney
  • Pif cartoon dog
  • Pongointhe 101 Dalmatians
  • Pollux inthe magic merry-go-round

Trick : You can perfectly choose a name starting with the letter P and indicate it to the breeder when booking. This is the winning combination to be in good standing without frustration. Eh yes ! You have to be smart!

Recall : In the days following the purchase of your dog or cat, do not forget to return its identification certificate to the canine or feline file. It is only on this condition that the I-Cad Company (management of the National Identification File of Domestic Carnivores) will recognize you as its legal owner in the event of a dispute (theft ...). Your name is also very important!

To meditate : “Animals threatened with extinction are unfortunate enough to have humans as predators. "

Mazouz Hacène Kabyle general practitioner


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