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The shrubs that bloom in winter

The shrubs that bloom in winter

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Although few in number, the winter-flowering shrubs are among the most notable.

They have the specificity of flowering when most plants are at rest.

Finally, these shrubs catch the eye and give a touch of color and cheerfulness to your garden.

Flowering is not the only advantage

  • These shrubs also have the good idea of promote the ecosystem when the flora and fauna are somewhat asleep ...
  • If the plants are adorned with their most beautiful colors, it is also for curry favor with insects and birds which participate in the reproduction of species through pollination.
  • Thus, by flowering when there are the fewest species in flower, these shrubs are doing well and are among the best fertilized species !

Flowering shrubs in winter

The mimosa is one of the best known for its beautiful golden yellow adornment, but unfortunately it does not grow anywhere. Indeed, it needs a relatively mild climate to flower from January or February.

The mahonia with its beautiful yellow berries, thewitch Hazel , whose flowers are beautiful or the chimonanthe offer all 3 other shades of yellow to brighten up your garden.

The Japanese quince will be your favors for a terrace or a balcony, because it can adapt just as well to the culture in pot as in a hedge where it will find its place perfectly.

The shrubby germander, which blooms at the end of winter and lasts a good part of spring, attracts the eye with the soft blue of its flowers and gives a lot of softness to your shrub beds or your patio.

To add a touch of originality to your garden, do not hesitate to choose the garrya whose long white flowers surprise as much as they can be admired.

Finally, the Persian parrotie, is the only real tree in our selection.
Its foliage is a unique green and changes with the seasons.
It blooms from January to March and is the delight of our feathered friends.

And in pictures ...

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