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Thoughts for your garden

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This is a small, hardy and easy to grow plant that offers a wide variety of uses.

Pansy has an unstoppable advantage: it blooms in the middle of winter!

From the purplish family, it can be confused in the wild with the violet, her cousin. To find your way around, a tip: violets have two petals upwards and three downwards; pansies, four petals up and one down. From the wild pansy (viola tricolor), many horticultural varieties have been created. There are plants with tiny round flowers that are no larger than 2 cm, and others that can reach 6 cm. In addition to this variety of sizes, the pansy comes in different shades of blues, yellows, reds, browns… With or without color spots. In short, an almost endless choice of plants that will inevitably find a place in your garden, whether large or small.

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In pots, in beds, in suspensions ...

Sow these small biennials in spring or summer depending on the desired flowering period. They can then reseed themselves on their own, or you can separate the plants of certain varieties to multiply them, or even cut them from small twigs of stems.

Whenever your collection is important, feel free to play with tones and sizes and combine them with other flowers. For example, they will brighten up your tulip beds if you place them at the bottom of flower beds. Since they are frost resistant (up to - 6 °), you can install them in suspensions in association with ivy or in planters with cyclamen and speedwell to decorate the garden in the cold season. If you have any plants left, set them up at the edge of your vegetable garden, in partial shade.

Minimum maintenance

Once your plants are installed, all you have to do is enjoy the flowering effortlessly. To prolong flowering, regularly remove withered petals and keep the soil moist. However, beware of pansy mildew, the fungus can settle on the leaves. If you realize it early enough, remove sick subjects to avoid spread and treatment. Actions that will allow you to keep your plants in place for several years.

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