Focus on New Year's plants

Focus on New Year's plants

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What symbolic and decorative shrubs to plant in the garden or even on a balcony?

Here are 5 must-haves.

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Mistletoe and holly, the tradition

With their attractive little red or white berries and their persistent horsetail or light green foliage, mistletoe and holly bring good luck, protect against bad luck and are symbols of immortality.

To the front door, in a floral arrangement or in the garden, these simple winter beauties represent all the magic of the holiday season. They are quite easy to find in the countryside, in some forests but also in orchards and gardens.

The holly can be grown in a pot or as a bush. Its foliage, sometimes shiny sometimes matt, is always enhanced by its small red (and toxic!) Fruits. The ilex genus has more than 400 different species, can reach 2 to 25 meters in height, flowers white in spring and thus adapts to all styles of gardens. An ultra-easy plant, it adapts to all types of exposure and most soils, as long as it is light, and lends itself well to the game of topiary pruning. Ideally, choose a male and a female foot together!

As to mistletoe, beautiful as it is, most gardeners are more concerned with getting rid of it. Indeed, it is considered a parasitic plant, often settling in the high branches of apple, pear, oak, lime and poplar trees. Equipped with a good pruning shears, don't hesitate to pick them up massively to decorate your interior and the surroundings of your house, or even as a gift!

Birds (who re-seed them by the way) love its white berries, but they are toxic to humans.

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Juniper, the third berry

This small ornamental conifer with a natural habit and needles of various shades is easy to live with and thrives in all soils and in all positions, in the ground as well as in vats (on a terrace or a balcony for example). Bonus: it gives edible and even medicinal berries, going from green to black, passing through blue, purple and brown. Use them to decorate your table or your New Years meals!

Its branches, too, will create a nice decor, associated with mistletoe and holly.

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Boxwood and laurel, green in winter

Persistent, undemanding and very hardy, these shrubs are two other garden essentials to brighten up winter. Growing to about 2 to 6 meters and sporting leaves of different shades of green, boxwood and bay leaf lend themselves beautifully to topiary.

So, why not stage them in the garden and cut them into a ball, spiral, cone or any other shape, animal or playful?

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