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When Dropsy can be cured naturally!

When Dropsy can be cured naturally!

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Eat healthy, Eat healthy, to avoid abusive consumption alcohol, practice a sports activity regular ...

are some recommendations frequent than doctors do to their patients.
Failure to follow these instructions can lead to malfunctions of the body, thus causing a number of diseases among dropsy.

Commonly known as "edema "(Specifically in humans), dropsy is a disease that generally affects the lower limbs and more particularly the legs, the ankles and the feet.

This condition occurs when the body's tissues start to swell due to the buildup of body fluid inside the cells.
Usually this is the liquid part of the blood also called blood serum.

What are the causes of this form of edema? What are his impacts on the health of the subject on a daily basis? Can we overcome it with virtues of plants ? If so, which ones and why?

Dropsy: here's what you need to know

> Definition of dropsy:

Dropsy is by definition "An abnormal concentration of body fluid in a tissue or body cavity."

Although it generally affects legs, dropsy can also affect any other organ of human body.

It also affects children that adults.

As mentioned earlier, dropsy is caused by the build-up of blood serum in the body.
This is because blood, made up of fluids, salts and blood cells from various parts of the body, is transported through blood vessels to the heart for purification.
Therefore, when there is effusion of serum or retention of fluids in the tissues and / or natural cavity of the body, the blood thickens and stagnates.
This triggers the swelling and the appearance of edema.

Symptoms of dropsy

Dropsy is usually manifested by the appearance of certain signs and symptoms not to neglect.

Besides the swelling visible from feet, legs, ankles, we can see the formation of pockets in these parts of the body, but also swelling of the hands and face.

Thus, the subject suffering from dropsy:

- easily runs out of steam,

- complains about chest pain and abdominal.

There are other symptoms of dropsy that should not be overlooked.
We will retain, among other things, the fact that the skin of the subject becomes more tense and more brilliant.

Even more, when pressure is exerted on it, a dimple forms and the mark remains there for several seconds.

Origins or causes of dropsy

The origins and causes of dropsy are diverse.

In general, the less serious causes of dropsy are excessive consumption ofsalty foods, the sitting or standing prolonged, taking some pharmaceutical products or theirregular menstruation.

Pathological causes on the one hand are, among others, congestive or venous heart failure (commonly called varicose veins), a renal failure, a cirrhosis of liver.

Physiological causes, on the other hand, are often observed in women: it is the pregnancy, but other causes can interfere with fluid flow and cause dropsy; especially the calcifications, the accidents or any obstruction in any part of the body.

Treat dropsy naturally

Knowing the cause is a good way to overcome dropsy.
Once detected, heal edemas by plants is child's play.

In herbal medicine, you should know that virtues some plants are known for reabsorb of edema.

For example :

  • The glitches of grape and the red vine leaves help fight venous insufficiency. The associated extracts of these plants are very effective.
  • the Sage, the Cornflower, the Meadowsweet, thegarlic, theartichoke, thehawthorn, the birch, the bourdaine, the broom, the corn beard, the roots of dandelion are plants full of virtues that aim to fight against edema and venous insufficiency.
  • Theonion is a very diuretic bulb herb and is beneficial in the treatment of dropsy. It can be eaten raw or cooked, in short in all its forms.
  • Leaves of raw cabbage crushed with a rolling pin and used in poultice help to reduce edema.
  • The horse chestnut is a very useful herb in the treatment of venous insufficiency.
  • The elderberry is very diuretic and depurative. It fights urine retention, edema, dropsy and helps to remove excess water through sweat.
  • Thehawkweed also has virtues diuretics and is effective in the treatment of edema and dropsy by increasing the volume of urine to be passed.

Uses and Dosage

> The birch white very effective against cardiac and renal dropsy and edema.

  • Regarding its dosage, taking its extract orally at a rate of 20 drops 4 times a day.

> The hawkweed has a very strong diuretic action.

  • Its extract is to be taken 4 times daily, at a rate of 30 drops per dose.

> 10 drops of extract Elderberry 5 times a day in a little water, you will eliminate excess water in your body.

> As for theartichoke known for its diuretic properties, it can be taken daily in different forms: wine or tincture.

  • For the preparation of the wine, it will be necessary in 1 liter of white wine to macerate 40 dry leaves for 8 days. Then drink 2 small mustard glasses of this decoction.
  • In tincture, in 1 liter of white brandy let macerate 500 g of cut and dried leaves for 2 weeks. Then squeeze, filter and store the resulting liquid in a bottle. When taking, pour 2 teaspoons of this preparation in a little water and then drink it before meals.

Practical advice about dropsy

even though plants and the medicine remain the solution for heal dropsy, a healthy lifestyle could also reduce the effects and facilitate blood circulation by limiting water retention.

For it,

  • Avoid the salt in food
  • As soon as the first symptoms appear, keep your legs and feet elevated
  • Practice walking on a daily basis to ensure better lifestyle.

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