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Gaulthérie: a powerful anti-inflammatory

Gaulthérie: a powerful anti-inflammatory

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Mainly known for its warm, camphoric scent, wintergreen also offers many medicinal virtues.

The wintergreen is a shrub of the Ericaceae family and of the genus Gaultheria. This small shrub, less than 15 cm, grows in North America and in China. This plant grows in dry, acidic soils.

Close relative of the blueberry and some heather, wintergreen is recognizable by its scarlet-red fruits and deep green foliage.

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Gaulthérie, for the record

Wintergreen owes its name to Jean-François Gaulthier (1708-1756), the king's physician-botanist in Quebec.

The Indians of Canada chewed and made infuse of wintergreen to bring down the fever and appease them joint pain.

Wintergreen is now harvested mainly in Nepal, in the Himalayas.

Virtues and benefits of wintergreen for health

Wintergreen is today mainly used in Essential oil. The latter is obtained through the distillation of leaves and berries.

Wintergreen is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic. It is particularly effective in the fight against muscle inflammation, ligaments and articular.

The use ofEssential oil of wintergreen is very common in sports circles to relieve muscle pain associated with intense physical exertion: sprain, cramps, elongation, back pain, etc.

Wintergreen also presents cardiovascular benefits and circulatory. Its use is recommended to fight against high blood pressure and the palpitations.

This plant is also hepato-stimulating and Pain killer.

Wintergreen also offers benefits on the migraines and headache of hepatic, circulatory or food origin.

Use of wintergreen

> Gaulthérie in the bath

To relax and soothe contractures, add 10 to 12 drops of wintergreen essential oil to your bath water.

> Gaulthérie in aromatherapy

With the aid of Streamer or fogger adapted, diffuse a few drops of wintergreen essential oil.

Wintergreen massage

Drop some drops in massage soft on the painful areas three times a day, ideally in combination witharnica.

On a sprain, combine 10 drops of wintergreen essential oil, 10 drops of wintergreen essential oil rosemary, 5 drops of noble laurel essential oil in 15 ml of macadamia or macadamia vegetable oilAlmond.

To calm a rheumatism, mix 1 drop of wintergreen essential oil, 1 drop of thyme essential oil and 1 drop of exotic basil essential oil with 3 drops of hazelnut vegetable oil.

In case of poor blood circulation : dilute several drops of wintergreen essential oil in a vegetable oil and massage the legs up towards the heart.

Good to know about wintergreen

Wintergreen is not recommended during the pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as children of less than 12 years.

The plant contains methyl salicylate, the molecule that gives rise toaspirin : so she is strongly not recommended for people allergic to aspirin.

To avoid skin irritation, it is recommended to dilute the essential oil of wintergreen in vegetable oil (1 drop for 10 drops) and to check the tolerance on the skin before any first use.

It is very strongly not recommended to take wintergreen essential oil by internal way.

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