Pruning shrub rose: technique and period

Here are the tips for properly pruning your shrub roses, the period and the pruning technique.

Pruning the shrub rose is an important step that conditions the flowering of the shrub and its development over the years.

Shrub rose pruning period

There are 2 size periods in the year although the second is the most important.

  • Fall for light pruning which instead involves removing faded flowers, dead wood and weaker branches.
  • Late winter or early spring for final and more severe pruning, usually in March.
    Follow the size tips below:

Pruning shrub roses

  • When pruning, the goal is to prune short while retaining the main branches.
  • It is important to reduce woody shoots in order to favor young shoots.
  • Pruning then consists of keeping the eyes as close as possible to the grafting point, which will emit branches carrying flowers.
  • This will cut you around the 4th outer eye.
  • Also cut off the twigs and dead branches as well as the oldest stems.

Here is a video of our advice on pruning the shrub rose:

Video: Pruning And Training Your Climbing Rose (October 2021).