Christmas clematis (clematis cirrhosa): planting and caring

Christmas clematis (clematis cirrhosa): planting and caring

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The Christmas clematis, or waxy clematis, is a beautiful climber that blooms in winter.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : clematis cirrhosa
Family : Ranunculaceae
Type : Climbing

: 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent
Flowering : November to March

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The Christmas clematis is one of the few to flower in winter, thus offering a beautiful palette of colors ranging from rose spotted cream in the form of bells but also a beautiful evergreen foliage.

Christmas clematis plantation

The planting of Christmas clematis takes place indifferently onautumn or to spring.

Christmas clematis, like all clematis, likes to be in the shade and head in the sun, especially during winter flowering.

In summer, if the foot is exposed to direct sunlight, cover it with, for example, a tile or a few stones.

How to plant the Christmas clematis:

The Christmas clematis needs a support to climb, it must be about twenty centimeters from it to be able to grip.

  • Make a hole about 40 cm in diameter.
  • Tilt the foot towards the wall or the support on which it will climb.
  • Fill the hole with a mixture of potting soil and garden soil and, if the soil is heavy, 1/3 river sand.
  • Fertilization from planting with a little compost or dehydrated manure allows a better recovery.

Multiplication of Christmas clematis:

The Christmas clematis multiplies quite easily, both by layering the young stems and by cuttings.

  • Layering takes place at spring.
  • Cuttings takes place at spring on young stems or end of summer on semi-hardened stem.

Christmas clematis in pot

It is quite possible to grow Christmas clematis in pots although some varieties like Clematis Alpina are more suitable due to their low growth.

  • A good potting soil for flowering plants is necessary
  • The pot must be drilled at the bottom and of sufficient diameter
  • Repotting every 2 to 3 years will be necessary so that your potted clematis can continue to grow and flower

Caring for Christmas clematis

Easy to grow and maintain, the winter clematis requires little care when properly established.

No pruning is really necessary, especially as the growth of Christmas clematis is moderate.

But, if however you wish to reduce or balance the antlers, prefer pruning the Christmas clematis after flowering, usually in early spring.

  • Shorten the older stems without pruning the younger ones.
  • Cut dead branches and fragile stems short.

Watering Christmas clematis

It is not necessary to water in the fall and winter because the natural precipitation should be sufficient to meet its water needs.

Instead, water the potted Christmas clematis as soon as the soil becomes dry.

Watering in spring and summer:

In summer, the Christmas clematis does not like drought but also dreads excess water which could rot the roots.

  • Regular watering is recommended the first year after planting.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Always cover the foot to keep it cool. One can use a tile for example or a mulch.

Smart tip

You can trellis the Christmas clematis in order to keep a good orientation throughout its growth!

The Christmas clematis is resistant to frost and cold down to -15 °, even -20 ° when it is short-lived.

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