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Furuncle: prevent it or treat it naturally

Furuncle: prevent it or treat it naturally

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Very often painful, the boil is a infection caused by a bacterium of the cavity in which grows the hair.

Appearing preferably on the thighs, face, armpit, shoulders, scalp, beard, back, base of the eyelashes, neck or buttocks, this skin infection causes damage due to the "premature death" of cells.

Appearing as a big red button, hard and very painful, the boil very quickly turns into pustule that is, presenting a white head filled with pus. It can appear on any part of the body. It can also appear as a cluster in one place. We thus speak ofanthrax.

This form of bacterial infection is very common and increasingly affects teenagers and the men.

In France, skin infections caused by staphylococci golden represent 7 out of 10 cases of consultations among dermatologists.

How? 'Or' What relieve this painful condition? Can we bank on the positive effect of plants ? To what extent? Here's what you need to know ...

Furuncle: a brief overview

Definition of boil:

The boil is a acute infection skin caused by staphylococcus, just at the level of the cavity where the hair starts and, causing a inflammation well delimited.

Usually benign but very annoying, the boil can appear at any age of life.

Symptoms of a boil

The boil usually appears as a small pustule painful and hot at a time. In a few days, this lesion hardens and becomes a suppuration.

This process of "maturation" will then form the basis of a scar which may be final.

Origins and causes of boils

Cylindrical in shape, boils often form a blister and are filled with a yellowish liquid.

In some cases, causes of this bacterial disease can sometimes result from allergic reaction, of a toxicity, of anguish or again, following a tired when the patient's immune defenses are weakened.

Some people are at greater risk of boils than others, due to their state of health, in this case diabetics or again, patients in overweight, under immunosuppressive therapy or corticosteroids.

Indeed, these subjects have an impaired skin defense and therefore less effective in combating this risk.

Moreover, a poor hygiene may be the cause. To better understand this thesis, it is necessary to know that, the simple fact of handling with dirty hands, a wound or other form of lesions of the skin, the risk of causing superinfection which in turn can lead to the development of a boil.

Recall that, most boils are due to Staphylococcus aureus.

However, 30% of adults are permanent "carriers" of this bacterium without developing an infection. Housing in cavities including the nostrils in this case, this bacterium remains a permanent threat, especially in hospital environment.

Medicinal plants or vegetables to treat boils

Without the use of chemicals, we can treat a boil thanks to :

Garlic : sterilant effective, garlic helps you get rid of toxic substances from the body. To do this, consume it for cooking your meal to the extent possible.

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tea comprising the root of echinacea, of burdock and of goldenseal from Canada. This mixture of roots of medicinal plants helps cleanse the body by ridding it of impurities. For best efficiency, drink 3 cups a day.

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- Thetea tree oil (Melaleuca). Extracted from the leaf of an Australian tea tree, this oil is a antibacterial and one germicidal. It can be applied to the skin.

However, it is not recommended to apply it to a boil near the eyes. It can cause redness.

Good to know about furunculosis

In addition to these tips and advice for relieving boils, people with this type of condition are also advised to to drink a lot of water and above all, avoid being constipated.

Indeed, constipation can cause skin problems as any body that is not healthy will seek a way to eliminate its waste. Often, a boil breakout can be an “alternative”.

To do this, hydrate yourself: a minimum of eight glasses of water per day is indicated.

To ensure a healthy and balanced nutritional diet, consume a lot of fibers (raw ingredients).

Finally, consume daily, natural fruits and the leafy green vegetables.

Drink as much as you want, Juice.

Avoid the White bread and the sugars.

This food hygiene help them immune defenses to prevent and fight against boils.

Note all the same that a untreated boil can cause a serious infection: the bacteria can spread into the blood and cause septicemia.

It is therefore not in vain to consult a doctor for a medical advice adapted.

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