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Red tourbillon: superb variety of Camellia

Red tourbillon: superb variety of Camellia

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Eugène Boussaud, president of the Floralies Committee, sponsors a new variety of Camellia of Nurseries Joël Lemaitre

The president of the Comité des Floralies association, Eugène Boussaud, took part on Sunday March 3 in the baptism of three new varieties of Camellias, of which he is one of the sponsors.

Red tourbillon (photo opposite), superb camellia, will have found a name and an audience.

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Tourbillon rouge, sponsored by M.Boussaud

The event which brought together enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, of flowers and the environment, as well as associations linked to the garden, such as the Société Nantaise dʼHorticulture, and the Jardiniers de France, took place within the framework of the 30 years of the producer. and breeder of Camellias, and other elegant, Pépinières Joël Lemaitre (44).

Tourbillon rouge, Sucre dʼorge, and Cœur de miel are the names chosen among more than 200 proposals, for the three new varieties of Camellias from Pépinières Joël Lemaitre baptized last Sunday in Carquefou, near Nantes.

These names were suggested in a participatory manner by volunteers, such as the recipients of the company's newsletter, and the listeners of Radio France Bleu Loire Océan.

More than 200 identified varieties (in cups and on table) of Camellias were on display for the event which lasted three days.

About Pépinières Joël Lemaitre

A specialist producer of Camellias and other elegant products since 1983, Pépinières Joël Lemaitre cultivates their flowers in a natural mixture made from garden soil.

The company is a member of the network of Horticulturalists and Nurserymen of France. Address: La Favrière D ° SPA 44470 Carquefou. Phone: 02 40 52 65 45.

About the International Floralies - Nantes

Organized in a spirit of service for the sole benefit of horticulture in its diversity and the environment, the Floralies Internationales - Nantes are an ornamental event at the initiative of the Floralies Committee, a 1901 law association.

The main mission of its volunteers is to bring together a large audience of flower, botany, landscape and environment enthusiasts, to promote horticulture in all its aspects, while raising awareness among the general public in search of entertainment on the benefits of nature.

Floralies Committee - 7 quai Henri Barbusse 44000 Nantes - Tel. : 02 40 14 58 60.

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