Dog: the benefits of osteopathy

Dog: the benefits of osteopathy

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The osteopath, through manipulations, can reduce or even eliminate tensions linked to stress, poor posture or shock.

It works on humans as well as on animals.

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Osteopathy, an alternative medicine

Ask your veterinarian to recommend an osteopath with a diploma recognized in France and an accreditation. On the first visit, a full body examination will help identify the source of the tension, often far from the pain area. For example, if your dog is limping, it is not always because of an injury to his paw but sometimes due to the displacement of a vertebra. A vertebral lesion can also manifest itself at the visceral level.

The osteopath will also observe whether the skin does not present areas of desquamation which betray an energy problem at the levels of the muscle tendon meridians. Each meridian being coupled to a vertebra, these zones signal dermatosis, rheumatism, neuro-hormonal insufficiencies or tensions of vertebral “blocks”.

After having carried out a complete “bio-mechanical” assessment, the practitioner will perform gentle and non-traumatic manipulations. In "senior" dogs, two sessions per year have a preventive effect. Osteopathy can be combined with other alternative medicines, such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture ...

Calling a dog osteopath

The osteopath relieves tensions concerning bones, muscles, joints, viscera, aponeurotic tissues. Consult him if your dog is in pain and manifests it by unusual behavior, moans, lameness, spinal pain (torticollis, sciatica ...), licking of a painful joint, loss of appetite, refusal of 'obedience…

The list of osteopathic applications is long: asymmetry, fall, car accident, chronic gastritis, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, sterility, irregular or absent heat, difficult childbirth, defective spermograms, urinary tract infections or chronic vaginitis, respiratory problems. repetitive, excessive nervousness… And this also applies to horses and cats!

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