What plants for a kokedama?

What plants for a kokedama?

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Before making a kokedama, it is important to choose the plant wellthat you are going to use. Depending on the exposure, its water requirement, its resistance to the dry air of our interiors, the choice will not be the same.

For this article, we decided to classify the plants according to the type of kokedamadesired: suspended or on a support.

However, nothing prevents you from taking a hanging plant to put it on a stand and vice versa.

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For a hanging kokedama

Chlorophytumor spider plant

Arachnophobes, have no fear, the ChlorophytumOnly the name spider. This houseplant is one of the most easy to maintain : low in water, it supports both light and shade.

Its drooping habit, variegated leaves and small white flowers will be the most beautiful effect in kokedama.

Rowley's groundsel

Original by its drooping port and its leaves in the shape of balls, the Senecio rowleyanuslends itself very well to the kokedama technique.
Not very greedy in water, it even fears its excess. Favor a bright exposure, but not direct sunlight.


A superb plant with leaves tinged with purple and green, coleusadapts well to our interiors. He asks very little care, but you must ensure that there is a minimum of humidity at the foot.
When it comes to light, place the coleus in a sunny location, but not next to a window.

For a kokedama on a stand

Boston fern

Accustomed to the undergrowth, ferns do not require much water and sun. That's why they're great indoors, and Boston Fern is no exception. The only downside is that she needs a minimum of humidity in the air to thrive. It is therefore necessary to be careful in winter with the heating.

To remedy this, spray the foliage from time to time.
Its cutout silhouette will contrast wonderfully with the foam ball of the kokedama.

Hedera helix

Just like ferns, theHedera helixis not difficult to maintain. But it also needs a minimum of humidity. In winter, keep it away from any heat source.

Areca palm

A great classic of our interiors, the Arec palm is distinguished by its very cut foliage which contrasts with the spherical silhouette of the kokedama.
Very easy to maintain, it only needs a little light and moderate watering.


Its large variegated leaves will brighten up your home and add volume.
Adept in bright situations, the Dieffenbachiahowever, fears direct sun. Watering level, avoid excess water. Also watch out for dry air in winter.


With the Chlorophytum, undoubtedly one of the toughest houseplants. It has a low water requirement and tolerates both shade and light (but not direct sunlight).

Its large elongated leaves, with an upright port, very easily dress a room and, in kokedama, will bring a touch of originality to your interior.

The choice of plants for your kokedamais not limited to this non-exhaustive list. If these are your first steps in this floral art, since these flowers are easy to maintain, it is better to give them priority.

On the other hand, if this is not your first kokedama, nothing prevents you from experimenting with other plants.

Smart tip

If you opt for a hanging kokedama, you can liven up your composition by hanging a few Tillandsia around.

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