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Primrose: one of the first to bloom!

Primrose: one of the first to bloom!

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The primrose is one of the first flowers to bloom in the year.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Primula
Family : Primulaceae
Type : Perennial
Height : 10 to 50 cm depending on species

Exposure : Sunny, partial shade and shade
Ground : Rather rich, well drained and fresh

Flowering : October to April or February to September

Indispensable in the garden, the maintenance of primroses is easy and requires little care while the blooming will enchant you.

Planting and sowing primrose

Primrose in pot or cup:

Plant the garden primrose bought in a bucket from October to March in a mixture of soil and potting soil.
You can also add an organic amendment such as manure and algae.

  • Water regularly at the beginning if it is not raining.

Primroses seedlings:

In seed, the primrose is sown from the month of may for a set up in the fall.

In this case, perform a seedlings in terrine and transplant 1 month later still in a pot before transplanting a month later in a pot.
Set up from October.

  • At each of these stages, water regularly but without excess in order to keep the soil moist.

Primrose maintenance

Once in place, the primrose is a flower that requires little care and maintenance and will bloom year after year over the seasons.

But if you wish, remove them wilted flowers gradually in order to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

Each year, add a little fertilizer for flowering plants in the form of granules at the rate of a few granules per plant.

  • You can multiply your primroses by division of the tuft after flowering

In case of'slug invasion, take advantage of ashes from your fireplace to fight against them.

To know about the primrose

Primroses are perennials that are particularly appreciated for their autumn, winter and spring flowering and the brilliance of their colors.

They are also used in houseplant (primula malacoides and abconica) where they occupy their place very well.
In this case, it is best to take them out at night to regain their freshness.

In beds, borders, rockeries or planters, primroses remain easy to maintain plants and very decorative when most of the deciduous plants are still bare ...

Finally, take advantage of flowers to decorate your salads and also decorate them with the young leaves of primroses which are perfectly edible.

Smart tip about the primrose

The contribution ofamendment to the plantation will promote plant development and flowering.

The amendment can be a few granules of flower plant fertilizer.

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