Using rainwater in the garden

Using rainwater in the garden

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In addition to the obvious moral and ecological considerations that can lead to stop using drinking water in the garden, the wallet can also have a say ...

Indeed, running water from the domestic network is relatively expensive (and increasingly).

Using rainwater for your garden can therefore be an excellent way to reduce your bill.

But how and how much does it cost?

Response elements.

Savings made with a water collector

Using rainwater for your garden is fine, but everyone wonders how much it costs and how much it saves.

According to ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency,watering the garden consumes an average of 10 liters of water per square meter watered.

Let's do a simple math. If you have 100 square meters of garden, you therefore use 1 cubic meter of water (1000 liters) for each watering.

If we take the average price per cubic meter of water in France (€ 3, still according to ADEME), each watering costs you around € 3. And that’s just an average. So do your math at home and you will see that it is in your interest to limit your consumption of drinking water in the garden ...

Price of a water collector

So there is the cost of the rainwater collector.

The installation of a rainwater collection tank costs more or less, depending on whether you want to use it exclusively for the garden or also for housing. If you want a very large capacity underground concrete tank to operate your washing machine, your toilets, etc., the price may be very high (maximum € 10,000) but you will be able to benefit from a credit. 'tax.

For the simple use of rainwater in the garden, covered wooden or plastic tanks are more than sufficient. In these ranges of products, prices start very low since the first tanks are around 15 euros. But beware: for these, it is better to be in a region where the rainfall is high because their capacity is low.

Install a water collector

Again, there are several options available to you. The simplest solution consisting of place your small capacity tank under the water outlet of your roof. Simply provide a support to raise the tank: otherwise you will have difficulty filling your watering can.

But you can also combine several tanks and, above all, connect them to the gutters. Count on average 50 euros per tank and around twenty euros for the fittings. Leave a small margin for any gutter extensions.

Little tip n ° 1 : if you have a garage or a carport next to your house, place the tank (s) between the two and connect everything to the two roofs: you will collect more water.

Little tip n ° 2 : For those who do not have the motivation to go back and forth with the watering can, you can invest in a small pump to which you will connect a garden hose.

Has each region its own vat?

In a way, yes. Indeed, if for example the average annual rainfall is the same in Tours and Nice, obvious disparities are obvious.

Indeed, the rain that falls in Nice is spread over 70 days a year (in spring and autumn) whilein Tours ... rainfall is regular throughout the year.

The consequence is that if you live in Nice, you will have to provide a larger tank than if you live in Tours.

Check with your local weather station to know precisely the rainfall. This will save you from badly thought out purchases.

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