Size of roses: technique and period

Size of roses: technique and period

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Pruning a rosebush is an important stage in the life of the shrub because it is this that will produce beautiful roses.

Contrary to popular belief, the rose bush is pruned at the end of winter, in February or March depending on the region, or at the very beginning of spring.

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Size of the rosebush: general principle

The rose bush must be in vegetative rest period to best support this "intervention".
But it is also very important toavoid frost that could affect the proper development of your rose bush.

That’s why the best time is at the end of winter, when the rosebush is still at rest and the severe frosts behind us ...

The size of the roses allows them to more vigor.
It is necessary for good development and flowering of the shrub.

Several sizes depending on the type of rose:

Click on the type of rose bush you want to prune:

Large-flowered rose or tea hybrid

It's the most common rose, the one we like to prune a few centimeters from the ground each year to see its large flowers bloom in various tones and colors.

We also select the most vigorous stems by eliminating old or dead wood.

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Shrub or shrub rose pruning

It is a rose bush that is readily allowed to rise to 1 meter or 1.5 m in height and does not need to be cut back every year.

We therefore favor a selection of the most vigorous branches to promote the growth of young wood.

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Climbing rose pruning

A superb rose bush when it has been well managed and pruned over the years, the climbing rose can also become a nuisance when it has been neglected for several years.

Selection of stems to be pruned, pruning period, length and trellising of carpenter branches.

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Size of the English rose

Substantially the same size as that of the shrub or shrub rose, the size of the English rose is on the other hand a little more severe.

Pruning the English rose will sustainably improve flowering year after year.

For more details, click on the link below:

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